Composite Connections International, INC.
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Teaming with partners on three continents, CCI is your reliable source for worldwide access to composite related material supply. Our supply relationships are limited to three suppliers and we focus on, but not limited to, the glass fiber industry. Through our over forty years in the composites industry we have established useful relationships inside and outside of the glass fiber industry and can act as your informational and supply resource in order to optimize product and product utilization.



The core of our business revolves around Parabeam® 3-D Glass Fabrics which is made in and supplied from The Netherlands. CCI is the North American agent for Parabeam and this relationship extends beyond 10 years. Parabeam® 3-D Glass Fabrics provide unique spatial qualities that can be molded in either flat or rounded surfaces and hold its wall thickness throughout the entire part. In one step ParaGlass provides a thick, lightweight integral sandwich composite structure that is not susceptible to delamination or rot. The spatial qualities provide space, if required, for the flow of liquid or gas and can also provide a chamber for the introduction of vacuum or pressure.



CPIC is a manufacturer of one of the most complete E-glass product lines in Asia. Their commodity and engineered products display exceptionally good quality. The product line consists of roving (direct draw, assembled, texturized), chopped strand mat, woven roving, and combination woven roving product, chopped strands, yarn, and specialty assembled products. In addition, CPIC offers ECR, a modified ECR, and high modulus glass fibers in various forms.



Endurance offers a variety of epoxy and urethane polymer systems for use in laminating, prototyping, and tooling. Over the years Endurance Technologies has developed products for many different industries, and through these innovations have developed and offer several recognized brands for many different industries, such as:  Composite Polymer Design, EZ-Poxy, Ex-cast, PPI, MAS Epoxies as recognized names in many different industries over the past 20 years.


Composite Connections International, INC.